Experience in snow groomer manufacturing.


Favero Snow Tech

For over thirty years FAVERO has been synonymous with compact and high quality snow groomers and vehicles. Since its origins, our small family-run company has placed quality, availability and proximity to the consumer at the center of its business.

In addition to thirty years of experience and field tests, the products offered are the result of constructive communication with the customer, which allows the direct identification of needs and improvements.

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The Groomers of Favero Snow Tech

Today our range consists of the Snow Rabbit 3 and Snow Rabbit 3X grooming vehicles , famous for their flexibility and practicality, and our snowmobile trailers, essential for transporting things and people on snow.

The artisanal design and production process, entirely carried out in Italy , has as its primary objectives quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of management , fundamental characteristics of all our products.

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