Our History

The Beginnings

 It was the early 1980s, when in Montebelluna, the world capital of ski boots, Lorenzo Favero tried to destroy a friend’s Lambretta to build a small and handcrafted snowmobile for his own enjoyment.


He never would have thought that soon this would become his main business, involving the whole family. 


Many changes and improvements lead to the construction of the first small open snow groomer, the Felix. The first users are refuge managers or owners of private huts, looking for a vehicle of reduced size, but capable of tackling climbs and inaccessible areas.


The 90s saw the birth of the F170 model, an example that will be marketed not only in Italy, but also in Austria, Germany and Switzerland in different engines and powers. The snow groomer in question, after almost 30 years, is still used by many customers worldwide, especially by radio link repairers, who cannot give up transporting this groomer by helicopter.


The request for a more robust and powerful snow groomer in the early 90s leds to the design of the Snow Rabbit, powered by Volkswagen and equipped with Italian servo-assisted hydraulics.

Snow Rabbit 2

The Favero company therefore ranks in an excellent position in the small snow groomer market in the late 90s, with the orders for the new Snow Rabbit 2 coming from Europe, Russia and Korea.

Snow Rabbit 3

In 2000 the umpteenth turning point, with the developing of the Snow Rabbit 3, more robust and powerful snow groomer than the previous ones, supported by a 100hp engine. The Snow Rabbit 3, thanks to the continuous improvements resulting from the close collaboration with customers and dealers, has conquered the world market of compact snow groomers over the years.