Snow Rabbit 3 & 3x

Compact, light and reliable

Designed to work on small places, Snow Rabbit 3 is one of the most compact and agile grooming vehicles on the market. Winter hiking trails and tight forest paths are its favourite places to work, so it is ideal for use at smaller ski resorts, in the preparation of cross-country and snowmobile trails, and in material and passenger transport.

Thanks to its low specific weight and its excellent manoeuvrability, it fears neither impractical terrains nor steep slopes. Snow Rabbit 3 is a reliable emergency and rescue vehicle, ready to reach the most inaccessible areas.

More Power, More Green

Snow Rabbit 3 is powered by a four-cylinder 115 HP (84 kW) engine, while Snow Rabbit 3X features a 134 HP (100 kW) engine.
Both version fulfils the current most stringent emission standard Stage V/Tier 4 final, making this versatile groomer cleaner than ever before.

New Operator’s Cab

The Snow Rabbit 3 features a brand new, spacious and safe operator’s cab: enhanced visibility and its LED lighting system give the operator an optimum overview, day and night, while the new integrated sunroof and adjustable side windows improve air circulation in all working conditions.

All the controls are arranged in a user-friendly way to ensure that the vehicle is as easy to operate as possible, while the multi-functional joystick allows the operator to operate all the main functions of the blade, tiller and track setters with one hand. The new 7” display provides an intuitive representation of all the necessary information while operating.

New Passenger Cab

Thanks to the new passenger cabin, R.O.P.S. certified, the Snow Rabbit safely and easily transports up to 6 passengers to the desired location. It features comfortable benches, imitation leather upholstery, high-quality thermal and acoustic insulation and an optional independent heating system. Moreover, thanks to the large side windows, passengers can experience breath-taking view during the travel.

Technical Features:

  • Snow Rabbit 3
  • Snow Rabbit 3x
Snow Rabbit 3Snow Rabbit 3x
Vehicle lenght with blade 4200 mm (165.3 in)4200 mm (165.3 in)
Vehicle lenght with blade and tiller5600 mm (220.4 in)5600 mm (220.4 in)
Vehicle width without blade 2050 mm (80.7 in)2200 mm (86.6 in)
Vehicle weight with blade 2305 kg (5,082 lb)2374 kg (5,082 lb)
Exhaust emission standardStage V / Tier 4 finalStage V / Tier 4 final
Power output 84 kW / 115 hp 100 kW / 134 hp
Max torque420 Nm @ 1100 rpm 500 Nm @ 1200 rpm
Additional equipment6-way blade / Large 12-way blade;
Standard Tiller / Large Tiller;
Cross-country track setters;
6-person transport cab (ROPS certified)
6-way blade / Large 12-way blade,
Large Tiller,
Cross-country track setters,
6-person transport cab (ROPS certified)
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